29 Weeks.. (& 3 days!)

It feels like this pregnancy is flying by. The fact that at most I have 11 weeks left and even less if the doctors decide to induce me early, due to our recent complications, blows my mind. I don't feel anywhere near ready. Yes I have clothes, a Moses basket, a cot & a pram but I feel like there is still so much I need and am I mentally prepared for 3 kids? Ha! No way.

This week - It's been up and down as I learn to control my Gestational Diabetes. I got my glucose monitor on Monday so I've felt a lot more in control, knowing what certain foods are doing to my levels, what I can tolerate and what I can't. I think I'm finally getting a handle on paring foods. No carbs without protein! I've actually lost 5 lbs since my diagnosis but ironically I'm eating more than I've ever eaten before. 

I am still a middle of the night insomniac. Mother natures way of preparing me for life with a newborn, maybe? I don't get as tired during the day at the moment which is a welcome change, especially with the kids being home. 

Emilie keeps asking me if the baby has already come out of my tummy.. I have no idea where she thinks I've put him. She is constantly coming over and rubbing my stomach though which is cute. James just kind of goes with the flow although he felt some kicks the other day and thought that was amazing. 

Talking of movement. I've definitely been feeling more since cutting out sugar and lowering carbs. I don't really get big kicks or punches but I guess he has a lot of water in there cushioning them for me. I had a growth scan on Wednesday and the tech actually said.. "Well, he's not struggling for water in there is he.." Maybe he'll be an Olympic swimmer one day. 

I'm excited to hit 30 weeks. For some reason that feels like a big milestone to me. Then we're on the home stretch! 

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