... expecting A baby boy in October! That explains my absence here ;) 

...watching Friends is on the TV as background noise. It's the last episode and I could watch it a million times over. This show never gets old.

...eating I've been making a lot of salads the past week since Summer decided to make an appearance. They are easy to prepare and the kids love them. Plus who wants to stand in the kitchen cooking when it's so warm?!

...loving The weather. Maternity shorts. Early nights. Sunny mornings. 

...enjoying Having my garden back! I ordered a skip at the beginning of last week and our garden has been cleared. Wood has been burnt, a new patio set was delivered on Friday and the kids can finally get out there and play. I hated not being able to use our garden especially when it's so big. It's almost like we've gained an extra room in the house. 

...thinking About plans for the Summer holidays. James broke up from school last Wednesday and Emilie finished nursery the week before that. We're now free until the 5th of September. I am looking forward to some lazy mornings! 

First day of Infant school & his last day at infants. In September he's off to Junior school 

...feeling Tired. All the time. Sleeping is becoming harder and harder as each day goes past. 

...hoping That I can get back into the swing of blogging. It feels like forever since I've come to this space of mine to share and I miss it. 

...listening To Anthony doing some work in the garden. He's been out there all day grinding and welding. 

...Wearing A new yellow dress that in all honesty makes me feel like a canary. It's perfect for the hot & humid weather though :) 

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