5 Celebrity Cat Eye Shadow Looks To Inspire Your Makeup Routine

I have a very exciting guest post from Jenni today! If you're anything like me then you are always trying to perfect the "Cat Eye" look when it comes to your make-up. Jenni has taken 5 celebrities and broken down their eye make-up to help us all achieve that sultry look! 

Mystical Cat Eye Just Like Kim Kardashian’s 

If there’s one thing to like about Kimmy, that’s her figure. If there’s another thing to like about her that’s again her sexy figure (No you got me wrong) and if there’s one more thing to love about her it’s her CAT EYE MAKEUP! She knows the power of a statement eyeshadow very well. The reverse cat eye makeup just makes her eyes pop.

Instead of doing the makeup on the upper lid, she would go on lower lash line, extending the black hue into an upward flick. Liner and shadow are being kept minimal on the top lid. Only use a black eye pencil to line the top and bottom waterline. Then smudge the product on the lower lashline. Extend the line, outwards and upwards using matte black eye shadow. Finish the look by applying mascara and concealer. Look your best in Kim K’s cat eye makeup.

Subtle Cat Eye Look by Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is known for her sultriness and Victoria Secret’s photo shoots. But today we are going to discuss her breathtaking makeup at the Met gala’15. Her vampy look was just too hot handle. Those bombshell lips and sultry eyes can be created at home now by using simple techniques. To create smoky cat eyes, apply a light grey eyeshadow all over the lid and then a dark grey/black along the top and bottom lash lines. Apply kajal on your eyes and make sure you tight line your eyes too. Now add highlighter to the brow bone and inner corner of eyes. Finish your look by applying liquid or gel winged liner and few coats of volumising mascara. You are done! You do look like Adriana!

The Queen Cara Delevingne’s Eye Makeup 

I am sure you would have been totally amazed by looking at the pictures of Cara at the Bafta Tea Party. Her fierce look was enhanced by a blended cat eye makeup and wild waves and of course nude lips.

To achieve a cat eye look like Cara all you need to do is apply primer on your lids and then light grey colour eye shadow. Towards the outer corner of eyes, use either a darker shade of grey or black. Highlight your brow line. Line your lower lash line using the same brush with which you are going to blend your smokey cat eye makeup. Apply winged eyeliner, making sure that it well mixed with eye shadow. A few coats of mascara will you go the full look. If you want Cara’s brows too, then make sure you darken them using a shade slightly lighter than your brows colour.
You have the statement Cara Delevingne look!

The Slaying Cat Eye Makeup of Angelina Jolie

You can’t miss out Angelina when it comes to cat eye makeup talk. 47 years old actress/director has killing looks and an aura that attracts you. Talking about makeup, her eyes and lips dominate! Quite fond of the cat eye look, Angelina uses lighter shades with her hazel eyes to make them more prominent. Her winged liners are perfect and flawless. To get her look, only apply a nude colour eyeshadow on your lid and a darker shade towards the outer corners of eyes. Apply winged liner and smudge it carefully. Add thin coats of mascara and you are done. Easy! Isn’t it?

Tay’s Red lips and Cat eyes 

Fair skin, red lips, blonde curls, cat eyes. That’s how we describe our favourite Bad Blood singer Taylor Swift. Known for her cat eye makeup, there are many tutorials based on her makeup but today we are going to explain it in a very easy way! You just need to get the right angle! Just follow the bottom lash line upwards using a liquid eyeliner. Make sure you draw a fine line and get the liner close to your lash line. For eye shadows, go for sweet colours like pastel pinks and purples but you can also go for brown or black smokey eyes. Avoid overdoing the makeup. Apply black mascara! You don’t need blue lenses to get the full look. Just practice, you will be able to draw the signature cat eyeliner of T-Swizzle.

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