July 2016 | Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet


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Expecting// A crazy busy upcoming week. I have so many doctors appointments it's unreal. Plus on top of them I want to take the kids out if the weather co-operates.

Watching// I've been re-watching a lot of The Vampire Diaries lately. I'm so sad it's ending! Thank goodness it is on Netflix so I can still get my fix!

Eating// I haven't eaten yet today. I know, naughty naughty. My cupboards are bare so Anthony & James are currently food shopping :)

Loving// This weekend has been fun! Emilie turned 3 yesterday (a post on that to come tomorrow) and we had a party at home in the garden. It was a lot of work but so worth it to see how happy it made her.

Enjoying// The weather. Cold drinks. Doggie walks.

Thinking// That I really need to motivate myself to organise all Emilie's new toys. I've lost count of how many times I've sorted the toy cupboard out but it still ends up piled high and then a birthday or Christmas will come around and it's totally out of control again!

Feeling// Exhausted after yesterday! I was on the go from 6.30am until 7.30pm and I'm paying for it today! A day pottering about at home is much needed.

Hoping// Emilie hurt her ankle on Friday night. She jumped off a picnic bench and landed on her friend. She's had a limp ever since. The doctor said it's just a bad sprain but it's awful watching her limp around. Here's hoping she feels better soon.

Listening// The background noise of the TV and Emilie playing.

Wearing// Shorts and a black t-shirt. It's Sunday, there's no dressing up around these parts. Unless you're Emilie and then you are instant on wearing a frozen tutu.


The #LittleOnes Tag.

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My Petit Canard

Emily over at My Petit Canard started The #LittleOnes Tag after she interviewed her daughter on her third birthday and so many people, myself included, said we wanted to do it too! I thought it would be fun to ask my Emilie the questions seen as she is turning 3 this Saturday. Eeek! 

  1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog
  2. Interview your little one using the 22 questions. You can read my original birthday interview post here.
  3. Tag 3 – 5 bloggers to join the #LittleOnes tag
  4. Grab the #LittleOnes badge to add to your post or sidebar

1 - How Old Are You? 2.. Is it my birthday yet Mummy?

2 - When Is Your Birthday? July.

3 - How Old Is Daddy? I don't know..

4 - How Old Is Mummy? 45? (Cheeky devil! I'm actually 31 in three weeks.)

5 - What’s Your Favourite Colour? Red

6 - What’s Your Favourite Food? Umm. Spaghetti - She hates spaghetti so no idea why she said this. Her favourite is actually cheese and sausages, though not together.

7 - Whats Your Favourite Drink? Orange juice.

8 - Who’s Your Best Friend? Alanna from my nursery.

9 - What’s Your Favourite Programme? Shimmer and Shine. I think she only said this because it was on the tv at the time. 

10 - What’s Your Favourite Song? Wind the bobbin up. We sing it at nursery. 

11- What is  Your Favourite Animal? Elephant!! She actually shouted this at me.

12 - What Is your Favourite Book? Books about monkeys. I don't think she's ever read a book about monkeys but ok, we'll go with that. 

13 - What Are You Scared Of? Doors.. (What????)

14 - What Makes You Happy? Helping you clean. 

15 - What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do? Help Mummy tidy up.. (Seriously, I do more than clean...) 

16 - Where Is Your Favourite Place To Go? The Park. Can we go to the park?

17 - What Do You Want To Do Today? Go swimming! (We're going this afternoon :))

18 - What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? I want to be a Mummy, just like you. 

19 - What Do You Like Helping Mummy Do? Clean.

20 - What Do You Like Helping Daddy Do? Sort his tools out. 

21 - What Is Your Favourite Thing About Mummy? The baby in your tummy.

22 - What Is Your Favourite Thing About Daddy? I don't know.... I like his tools? 

Out of the mouth of babes. I found this so funny to do with Emilie. I could telll around question 19 where she started to loose her concentration. That's two year olds for you I guess. 

We are meant to tag some people that we think would like to take part but I've been out of the game for some time now so I'm going to (slightly) break the rules and say that I tag anyone who wants to do it! I'd love to read other peoples little ones answers! 


5 Celebrity Cat Eye Shadow Looks To Inspire Your Makeup Routine

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I have a very exciting guest post from Jenni today! If you're anything like me then you are always trying to perfect the "Cat Eye" look when it comes to your make-up. Jenni has taken 5 celebrities and broken down their eye make-up to help us all achieve that sultry look! 

Mystical Cat Eye Just Like Kim Kardashian’s 

If there’s one thing to like about Kimmy, that’s her figure. If there’s another thing to like about her that’s again her sexy figure (No you got me wrong) and if there’s one more thing to love about her it’s her CAT EYE MAKEUP! She knows the power of a statement eyeshadow very well. The reverse cat eye makeup just makes her eyes pop.

Instead of doing the makeup on the upper lid, she would go on lower lash line, extending the black hue into an upward flick. Liner and shadow are being kept minimal on the top lid. Only use a black eye pencil to line the top and bottom waterline. Then smudge the product on the lower lashline. Extend the line, outwards and upwards using matte black eye shadow. Finish the look by applying mascara and concealer. Look your best in Kim K’s cat eye makeup.

Subtle Cat Eye Look by Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is known for her sultriness and Victoria Secret’s photo shoots. But today we are going to discuss her breathtaking makeup at the Met gala’15. Her vampy look was just too hot handle. Those bombshell lips and sultry eyes can be created at home now by using simple techniques. To create smoky cat eyes, apply a light grey eyeshadow all over the lid and then a dark grey/black along the top and bottom lash lines. Apply kajal on your eyes and make sure you tight line your eyes too. Now add highlighter to the brow bone and inner corner of eyes. Finish your look by applying liquid or gel winged liner and few coats of volumising mascara. You are done! You do look like Adriana!

The Queen Cara Delevingne’s Eye Makeup 

I am sure you would have been totally amazed by looking at the pictures of Cara at the Bafta Tea Party. Her fierce look was enhanced by a blended cat eye makeup and wild waves and of course nude lips.

To achieve a cat eye look like Cara all you need to do is apply primer on your lids and then light grey colour eye shadow. Towards the outer corner of eyes, use either a darker shade of grey or black. Highlight your brow line. Line your lower lash line using the same brush with which you are going to blend your smokey cat eye makeup. Apply winged eyeliner, making sure that it well mixed with eye shadow. A few coats of mascara will you go the full look. If you want Cara’s brows too, then make sure you darken them using a shade slightly lighter than your brows colour.
You have the statement Cara Delevingne look!

The Slaying Cat Eye Makeup of Angelina Jolie

You can’t miss out Angelina when it comes to cat eye makeup talk. 47 years old actress/director has killing looks and an aura that attracts you. Talking about makeup, her eyes and lips dominate! Quite fond of the cat eye look, Angelina uses lighter shades with her hazel eyes to make them more prominent. Her winged liners are perfect and flawless. To get her look, only apply a nude colour eyeshadow on your lid and a darker shade towards the outer corners of eyes. Apply winged liner and smudge it carefully. Add thin coats of mascara and you are done. Easy! Isn’t it?

Tay’s Red lips and Cat eyes 

Fair skin, red lips, blonde curls, cat eyes. That’s how we describe our favourite Bad Blood singer Taylor Swift. Known for her cat eye makeup, there are many tutorials based on her makeup but today we are going to explain it in a very easy way! You just need to get the right angle! Just follow the bottom lash line upwards using a liquid eyeliner. Make sure you draw a fine line and get the liner close to your lash line. For eye shadows, go for sweet colours like pastel pinks and purples but you can also go for brown or black smokey eyes. Avoid overdoing the makeup. Apply black mascara! You don’t need blue lenses to get the full look. Just practice, you will be able to draw the signature cat eyeliner of T-Swizzle.



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... expecting A baby boy in October! That explains my absence here ;) 

...watching Friends is on the TV as background noise. It's the last episode and I could watch it a million times over. This show never gets old.

...eating I've been making a lot of salads the past week since Summer decided to make an appearance. They are easy to prepare and the kids love them. Plus who wants to stand in the kitchen cooking when it's so warm?!

...loving The weather. Maternity shorts. Early nights. Sunny mornings. 

...enjoying Having my garden back! I ordered a skip at the beginning of last week and our garden has been cleared. Wood has been burnt, a new patio set was delivered on Friday and the kids can finally get out there and play. I hated not being able to use our garden especially when it's so big. It's almost like we've gained an extra room in the house. 

...thinking About plans for the Summer holidays. James broke up from school last Wednesday and Emilie finished nursery the week before that. We're now free until the 5th of September. I am looking forward to some lazy mornings! 

First day of Infant school & his last day at infants. In September he's off to Junior school 

...feeling Tired. All the time. Sleeping is becoming harder and harder as each day goes past. 

...hoping That I can get back into the swing of blogging. It feels like forever since I've come to this space of mine to share and I miss it. 

...listening To Anthony doing some work in the garden. He's been out there all day grinding and welding. 

...Wearing A new yellow dress that in all honesty makes me feel like a canary. It's perfect for the hot & humid weather though :) 

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