Five On Friday.

Happy Friyay! This week has flown by, as does every week around here. So I figured I'd round it off with a Five On Friday.

1// I have a non napping toddler today. At two and a half months away from three years old I am amazed that Emilie still has a two hour nap every lunch time, so days like today where she is all "Nope. Not going to nap" throw me for a loop. I'm not quite ready for her to give them up yet! I foresee meltdowns by 4pm this afternoon..

2// James went on his first overnight school trip this week. He was nervous beforehand but as soon as he got to school and saw all his friends he was fine. I on the other hand was completely fine until I watched him get onto the coach. I was not expecting to get all choked up watching the coach pull off.. It was the strangest two days and I literally ran back to school the following day to meet him off the coach. He loved it although he did say that he didn't like being away from home. Thank goodness we have at least a year until the next school trip!

3// Last Saturday my sister and I took all three kids to the park for a picnic. Thankfully the weather held out and it was a lot of fun - minus a few tantrums. Aimee is just two weeks away from brining my new nephew into the world! I cannot wait! Baby snuggles :) 

4// I tried a new recipe earlier this week. It was from the Ella's Kitchen cook book and a massive hit.. Even Anthony asked for seconds.. It's basically a Chicken pasta bake but with lots of hidden veggies. 

5// The weather has finally picked up and it feels like Spring is here at last. This weekend the temperatures are set to be hotter than Ibiza. No complaints here.. Weekends & Sunshine.. What's not to like? :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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