Confession Thursday.

I've seen a lot on social media recently about VEDA (Vlog Everyday In April) and also a Blog Everyday In April challenge.. We all know that I love a good challenge and my success rate on these things are about 50/50.. Sometimes life just gets in the way I guess but I need some motivation at the moment so I'm going to give it a go.. The blogging, not the Vlogging.. No one wants to see my camera woman skills..

I may have left the house with the kids this morning for the first time in a week. Stomach bugs and tonsillitis have kept us cooped up and I think we all have a serious case on cabin fever going on. 

Following on from that today is also the first day that I have washed my hair, put makeup on and gotten dressed all in the same day for a week. I only managed one of the above most days. 

The kids have been living off toast, rice and ice poles. When they're ill, I don't force them to eat and I let them choose as and when they want to. Meal times go out the window as does the menu. 

I cannot wait for the warmer weather. The sun made a little appearance yesterday and it was lovely being able to play in the garden and not have to bundle up. Summer cannot come quick enough. 

Whilst we've all been unwell I binge watched way too many episodes of Charmed on Netflix. I had forgotten how much I love that show.. Especially the earlier episodes. 

Am I the only one not really concerned by the changes coming to Instagram. I don't want it to change because I like seeing my feed in the order that people posts things but I keep seeing posts with people asking you to turn on notifications. Am I the only person not doing this? 

What are you confessing to this Thursday morning? :) 

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