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5 Tips For Stress Free Mornings.

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My children take after me. They are early risers. I've never been one to sleep late, even before I had little ones to get up with. I've always felt like the day is being wasted if I stay in bed. 

That being said.. As good as I am about waking up with sun it isn't always easy when you have two kids in tow. Especially when you add in trying to get one to school on time and stop the other one from melting down because their breakfast cereal is 'too crunchy.' 

After seven years I feel like I've kind of found my groove with a morning routine. Things that I do consistently to try and make mornings as smooth as possible. They're simple things but effective. 

1// Organise Your Clothes.

Every evening I sort out my own clothes for the next day as well as James & Emilie's. The last thing I want to be doing at 7am is rooting through draws trying to find a matching outfit! James then only has to grab his pile in the morning and he's all set. 

2// Wake Up Earlier.   

Sounds silly right? You already have to get up early so decide to wake up even earlier.. There is method behind my madness. I set my alarm for 20 minutes before I actually have to get out of bed. This gives me time to wake up properly and have a few moments before I have to get the kids. It's amazing the difference it makes!

3// Launch Pad. 

James's school stuff is all kept in the same place. That way I know where everything is and I can grab it as we leave the house. Set up a launch pad, it can be a basket or box, and have everything organised there. Lunch boxes, permission slips, book bags. 

4// Get Dressed.

My kids eat breakfast as soon as we're downstairs. Mainly because they seem to both be ravenous in the mornings! As soon as breakfast is over on a school day, they get dressed. James especially seems to be more motivated once he is in his school uniform. On the odd day he's done other things first it feels like it's a fight to get him out of the door on time.

5// Rewards. 

Sometimes little ones need some incentives. Especially on a rainy school day when they just want to stay in their PJ's all morning and watch cartoons. I've used reward chart for both of them in the past with simple things on such as, "Brush Teeth" "Make Bed" .. If they completed these tasks then they got a sticker and once they collected a certain amount then they got a small prize. Use what incentives work for your children! 

Here's to happy stress free mornings! 


Confession Thursday.

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I've seen a lot on social media recently about VEDA (Vlog Everyday In April) and also a Blog Everyday In April challenge.. We all know that I love a good challenge and my success rate on these things are about 50/50.. Sometimes life just gets in the way I guess but I need some motivation at the moment so I'm going to give it a go.. The blogging, not the Vlogging.. No one wants to see my camera woman skills..

I may have left the house with the kids this morning for the first time in a week. Stomach bugs and tonsillitis have kept us cooped up and I think we all have a serious case on cabin fever going on. 

Following on from that today is also the first day that I have washed my hair, put makeup on and gotten dressed all in the same day for a week. I only managed one of the above most days. 

The kids have been living off toast, rice and ice poles. When they're ill, I don't force them to eat and I let them choose as and when they want to. Meal times go out the window as does the menu. 

I cannot wait for the warmer weather. The sun made a little appearance yesterday and it was lovely being able to play in the garden and not have to bundle up. Summer cannot come quick enough. 

Whilst we've all been unwell I binge watched way too many episodes of Charmed on Netflix. I had forgotten how much I love that show.. Especially the earlier episodes. 

Am I the only one not really concerned by the changes coming to Instagram. I don't want it to change because I like seeing my feed in the order that people posts things but I keep seeing posts with people asking you to turn on notifications. Am I the only person not doing this? 

What are you confessing to this Thursday morning? :) 

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