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What Do I Want To Do?

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I've spent a lot of time since I turned 30 thinking about two things.. What have I achieved so far and what do I want to do?

I am my own worst critic. I will sit there and think that my two children are my biggest accomplishment. I brought two people into the world and now I'm staying at home and trying to raise them into well rounded people who, I hope, will eventually go out into the world, with their own goals and dreams. Apart from that.. I've had several jobs, pre children. I've lived in London for two years. I've gained my qualification in Psychology and am now working towards my qualifications in Makeup Artistery. None of it feels like I've done enough though. Especially when you hear about fourteen year olds starting their own businesses and earning thousands.

When I think about what I want to do though, it's overwhelming. My biggest passion is writing. Hence how Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet was born. The art of weaving words together truly makes me happy. I love makeup and hopefully once I've finished my course I can make something out of that. Picking up my camera and capturing that perfect shot. Writing a chapter of the book I have in head. Learning more and more about different makeup products. There are so many things that make me happy.

I guess growing up I always figured that by 30 years old I would have it all figured out. I would know what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there. I didn't expect that I would still be sat, fumbling around, trying to make plan. I'm a big believer in you can do whatever you set your mind to. In fact I tell James that all the time. He will come to me and ask if he can be a fireman when he grows up, or a scientist, or a teacher.. (It changes daily!) and I always tell him that he can do whatever he wants to. If he sets his mind to something and works hard then he can do anything. So why can't I practice what I preach?

I want to write a book but I don't believe that I am talented enough.
I want to take photos but I don't believe that I am talented enough.
I want to give women confidence by making them feel as beautiful as they are but I don't believe that I am talented enough..

So instead, I hide. I don't do any of it. Why? Because I am scared of failure. Of rejection. Of not being good enough.


The Benefits of Child Sensory Rooms.

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Sensory rooms are brilliant for all children, but can prove particularly beneficial to those children who have special needs, learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy and sensory impairment, just to name a select few. Essentially, a sensory room is specifically designed to develop a person’s sense through lighting, music and objects.

There are many suggested benefits to sensory rooms. Ultimately, it is a really effective way of letting children communicate in a way that they might not have had before. It creates a safe environment that children can relax in, without any external factors putting extra stress and pressure on them. They can then find different ways of communicating, as well as help to develop key life skills.

Sensory rooms develop many key developments, including thought, intelligence and social skills. If your child has a challenging condition, it provides them with a whole load of opportunities, where they might normally be limited in the outside world, whether this is because of behavioural issues or limitations of movement, vision, hearing and cognitive ability. It’s is both a relaxing and calming environment for them to be in, but one that will also stimulate them, which has a number of benefits. These include an increase in concentration and focus attention; help to develop senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste; improve motor development; provides security; helps to develop a sense of cause and effect and help to develop and improve creativity. Of course, there are many other benefits; however, the brilliant thing with sensory rooms is that you can completely tailor it to your child’s individual needs.

Building your own sensory room for your child is not as difficult as you might imagine. You do not require a large area – simply a space that your child knows is theirs. It can be a small play tent that you add your own colours to. Be careful not to overwhelm your child with too much stimulation. Black walls and ceilings are often found in sensory rooms as they absorb the light. Be creative when you think about the floor. After all, this is meant to be a stimulating environment – foam squares, shaggy rugs and bathmats are all good ideas. Think about including toys with flashing lights, or different textures. For a smaller, portable sensory book, you can stick swatches of wallpaper and fabric into a scrap book that can be tailored to your child’s needs and taken wherever they go; particularly if it is a new environment.

Making small changes like this can make a big difference to your child’s way of communicating. Concentrate on your individual child’s needs, and let them know that this is their space that they can be free and creative in.


Mothers Day.

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Happy Mothers Day! It's the one day where you are fully entitled to sleep late, have breakfast brought to you in bed, stay in your PJ's all day and order in dinner.

With today being all about Mum's I decided to share with you some of my favourite Mummies on Instagram. I love how Instagram has created a community. Through sharing a photo you can connect with so many people. You can laugh along with others, commiserate, become friends and say 'Yeah, me too.." Instagram can get a lot of slack because apparently people choose to only share their "best bits".. I however love it and today I wanted to give these five Mum's a shout out. They're raising families, guiding little people and sharing their journey with us at the same time.

Here goes..

Christina from Carolina_Charm

Two adorable kiddos. Both Christina and her son have recently suffered from some health problems but Christina is so positive and her Instagram feed shows that. I also read her blog, she's definitely one of my favourites :)

Emily from TheFreckledFox

I am in awe of Emily! Five children (how does she do it!) and she still looks amazing. 

Chloe from ChloeAndBeans

I honestly believe Chloe is a superwoman.. She is 23 years old and has a 3 year old, a 2 year old, a 1 year old and baby triplets! I've been following her since her pregnancy with the triplets and the strength she has shown is quite simply, amazing. Plus she has the cutest kiddos that I have ever seen :)

Melody Joy from MelodyJoy1983

When I grow up I want to be like Melody Joy :) Her zest for life literally jumps off her instagram feed. She is unique, quirky and the sweetest person I have met on Instagram.  

Kate from Kate_Gailey

I've been following Kate for years now and her eldest son is just a couple of weeks older than Emilie and now she has another little boy too! I love when I've been friends with people on Instagram for so long that I've seen them transition through different periods of their lives. Watching Kate become a Mummy and thrive has been lovely. 

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mummy's out there! Everyday you wake up no matter how little sleep you've had. You make meals, wipe hands, sooth cuts & scrapes. You wash clothes and sweep the floors. You get the kids to school, clean bathrooms and fill out forms. You tuck little bodies into bed at night. You give them kisses and tell them how much you love them. You fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day and wonder if you've done everything that you could today. You worry if you're doing a good enough job at this parenting gig.... Just so you know..

You are..


Shoreditch - Vape Pen Review.

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It's been well documented here in the past about my desire to stop smoking cigarettes. I've had several failed attempts, normally four days into it and I think I've tried every nicotine replacement therapy currently on the market. A few weeks ago I mentioned to Anthony that I really wanted to try to quit again.. It made me laugh when three days after I made that statement that I received an email from Shoreditch asking if I would like to review one of their vape pens. Perfect timing or what?! I immediately emailed back and within a few days I was holding the Shoreditch One, complete with three e-juices, Gummy Bear, Fruit Salad & Lime Sorbet.

Straight away I was impressed. The vape pen itself is very sleek. There are so many sizes and designs on the market nowadays but I am not a fan of the big garish ones. I love how slim line this one is. It also comes with a small OLED display screen which counts how many puffs have been used since the last charge and also shows the battery life left. 

I've tried two other vape pens in the past, both by different brands and this one was my favourite by far. The battery life lasts a lot longer. The website states that you can average 300 puffs before it needs to be recharged and I found this to be true. Another bonus point is that you can use it as it charges. With previous ones that I have used you have to disconnect the battery to charge it but with the Shoreditch One this wasn't the case. I could plug it into my MacBook and it could get a full charge whilst I could still use it if needed. 

They offer 21 flavours of e-juices ranging from the traditional tobacco to chocolate to apple pie and all come in 3 different strengths, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, making it easy to slowly lessen the amount of nicotine you are receiving.

The ease of Shoreditch is one of the best selling points! You become a member and every month your e-juices are posted out to you. If you run out beforehand then you can just amend your next delivery date to make it sooner. All deliveries are free and are delivered by Royal Mail. I've now set up a monthly order for the juices and the whole process took me less than five minutes from start to finish. 

Shoreditch also offer the Shoreditch Two which is their slimline design. This one offers a smaller battery but is thiner than the One. I'm actually debating about whether to order the Two just so I can compare them! 

Overall I am throughly impressed with Shoreditch. Their customer service is excellent and their products appear to be first rate. I had a small problem the other day and without hesitation they advised me to send it back using their free post facility and a new one would be issued without any quibbles. It's refreshing to come across a company that puts the consumer first. 

And me... Eleven days smoke free! 


World Book Day - My 5 Favourite Books.

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In honour of World Book Day I thought it might be fun to list my five favourite books. I've always loved reading and am always on the lookout for a new fun read. I recently had a clean out but before that I had shelves upon shelves of books that I would re-read over and over again.

1// Jodi Picoult - Nineteen Minutes.

I love anything that Jodi Picoult writes but this is my favourite of hers and I'm pretty sure it was the first one of her's that I read. It's about a teenager that embarks on a mass shooting at his high school and the aftermath. From the beginning it has you hooked. 

2// Danielle Steel - The House On Hope Street. 

This isn't one of Danielle Steel's best books but it's one that I love. It focuses on a family after the father is killed and how they come to terms with it and subsequently move on with their lives. It had me both laughing and crying. 

3// Jodi Picoult - Leaving Time

Another Jodi Picoult one but this is, by far, the best book that I have ever read. The amount of research that must have gone into writing this is mind boggling in itself. It focuses on the relationship between a mother and her child but also how that relates to elephants and their own relationships.. Plus the twist at the end.. It left me thinking about it for days after I had finished the book. 

4// The Crossfire Series - Sylvia Day

I'm including all four books for this one. I love the way that Sylvia Day writes and her books are so descriptive you actually feel like you are there. I love a book where you feel like you know the characters so much that you can picture them in your head. It's almost like watching a movie rather than reading a book. That's how I feel when I read Sylvia Day's books.  

5// Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

It's no secret about my love for anything that Elizabeth Gilbert writes. I've always said that I wish that I could purchase a copy of Eat, Pray, Love for every female that I know. This book is beautifully written, equal parts happy, sad and uplifting and is the most powerful thing I have ever read.

What are your favourite books? Let me know in the comments, I'm looking for some new books :)

Happy World Book Day!

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