Why We're Going Private.

I am so grateful that we live in a country where we have the NHS. It's comforting to know that if anyone in my family becomes unwell we can see a doctor within a reasonable time frame. If anyone suffers an accident or serious injury within twenty minute we can be in the Accident & Emergency department at the hospital. I've delivered two babies, one at hospital and one at home, both by NHS midwives. Both James & Emilie suffered from Reflux and both were seen regularly by a pediatrician for the first 18 months of their lives. 

That being said, what happens when your doctor won't listen to you or doesn't take your fears seriously? 

When I was speaking to James' pediatrician recently about his high functioning autism, I asked where we go from here? His response was.. "Don't worry, he's doing well in school. It won't affect him until later in life..'


Yes James is doing fantastically in school. He is reading & writing well above his age. He has never got a spelling wrong in his spelling tests. He comes home telling me things that he taught the teacher. He follows the rules. He eats his school dinners and runs around the playground. 

He struggles with the world around him. He cannot cope with many aspects of normal life. Crowds, water, new people. He chews his clothes. He has verbal outbursts and cannot control his emotions. Smells, noises and textures overwhelm him. He over reacts to pain and the smallest thing that goes wrong will ruin his whole day. He is literal. He is repetitive. He comes out of school upset, not understanding that the teacher was discipling the whole class, not just him. 

So just because academically he is flying.. He shouldn't need help navigating, what to him is, a very scary world?

All I want to do is help him. I don't want him to go through life feeling scared and alone, thinking that no one is in his corner. I want to be his biggest advocate and cheerleader. He is too young to challenge the doctors himself. Too young to find the right doctors, pediatricians & occupational therapists on his own. 

I contacted a private OT practice last week and explained the situation and they were horrified at what the doctor had said. I firmly believe that getting him the right help now will only aid him in the future. 

We have an appointment with an OT next week and I'm excited for James. I'm eager to see where this goes. Not just for him but for me too. Sometimes I worry about whether I am handling things correctly. Should I have not disciplined him for that outburst this morning before school? Am I making his fear of water worse by trying to teach him to swim? Every night I question what I did that day. 

Some guidance for both of us can only be a good thing.. 

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