Yesterday James turned 7 years old. Where has that 7 years gone? I don't know.. I always laughed when I was pregnant and people told me to enjoy every moment because it flies by. I didn't believe them. They were right. Right before my eyes he is becoming more and more independent. He forgets to give me a kiss as he runs into school. He climbs the counter to fetch a cup, just so he can make his own drink. He asks to go and spend the night at his cousins house and theres no phone call in the middle of the night asking us to come and get him. Him growing up makes me equal parts happy and nostalgic. 

His one request for his big day was a go to a Chinese Restaurant with all his family. So that's what we did. 21 of us descended on The Mandarin to celebrate James. All the kids loved it. It was basically one giant buffet complete with an ice cream and sweetie stand so they were in kid heaven.. 

When it was time for bed last night James started crying because he didn't want his birthday to end. Anthony replied to his tears with "but it has to end so you can have a birthday next year."

"But I don't think I can ever have any more fun than I've had today." - 7 year old logic.. 

We've been through sleepless nights, teething, first gummy smiles, ear infections, first steps, potty training, uncontrollable giggles, first day at nursery and then school, tantrums and cuddles.. I wouldn't change him for the world though. The 7lbs of pure joy that I sat holding 7 years ago turned my world upside down but for the better. Happy Birthday James 

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