Mondays & Valentine Day.

Mondays.. They come around far too quickly but when it's half term it's slightly less of a shock.. Especially when both kids sleep till 7am. Yes, that's a lay in for me now.. 

The sun has been shining today, properly for the first time in a long time, you have no idea how much the sun improves my mood. I spotted some Daffodils in the park the other day and I'm looking at 'Spring' makeup looks. It all makes for a very motivated, happy Liane. 

Anthony came up trumps for Valentines Day.. He would be the first to tell you that in previous years he has never been the best at remembering holidays or remembering to buy gifts & cards but the past few months he's been making a real effort. Back when we were living in London I lost my eternity ring in Sainsbury's. I was gutted. Anthony wasn't happy and I was pretty sure that I would never get another one. This ring arrived on Saturday though and it's b-e-a-uti-ful! It's one size too big so I'm going to take it to the jewellers tomorrow and get it resized. I won't wear it at the moment for fear of it falling off and me loosing another ring.  

I've never really brought into the whole Valentines Day thing. I'm more of a "show-people-through-out-the-year-that-you-love-them" kind of person. I must admit that it was nice being spoilt though :)

The past few weeks have been filled with one child with a cold and another one with chicken pox. Both seem to be recovering now so I'm hoping this coming week is slightly better. Off course I'm just waiting for Emilie to come down with Chicken Pox now. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she stays clear of it during half term so we can get out of the house. Also I've got some fun things that I want to do here this week including the review of the Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani Palette that I've been talking about for ages!

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