14 Things I've Discovered Since Becoming A Mum.

1// You will never sleep properly again. Even when the baby starts sleeping through the night you will still sleep with one ear open, listening out just incase.

2// No matter how many times you clear the toy cupboard out you will still have too many toys to be able to contain to one space.

3// One person in the house gets a cold.. You will all get it.. It will also do the rounds more than once.

4// Some days you will never speak to another adult.

5// Shopping for kids becomes much more fun than shopping for yourself. No matter how much you enjoyed shopping before you became a Mum.

6// You may have said that you will never use the TV as an electronic babysitter but sometimes you need to shower and clean the house.

7// Cereals is classed as a dinner food.

8// You may wish for quiet numerous times a day but as soon as you are alone, you miss the kids and all the chaos that comes with them.

9// When it comes to toddlers, silence is never golden.. It nearly always means that they are doing something that they shouldn't.

10// Never realised how much fun water can be? Just run a sink full of water, prop a toddler on a chair and watch them entertain themselves for hours.

11// Meal times will result with more food on your floor than in their stomachs.

12// It is perfectly acceptable to celebrate when you get to drink your coffee hot.. Even better if you actually get to finish the whole cup.

13// They will come up with every excuse in the book to delay bedtime.. They need the toilet, another drink, another story, their ear is itchy, they need the toilet again..

14// No matter how bad today has been. No matter how many tantrums they have thrown. No matter how many times you had to stop, breath and count to ten, tomorrow is a new day.

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