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A discussion occurred today which has resulted in Liane not writing today’s blog post. Instead this post has been written by me, Liane’s husband, real life devoted follower & her all round biggest fan. As readers of Liane’s blog you are kept up to date with her thoughts & feelings about daily events good, bad or indifferent. However, what you may not have considered is the perspective of the silent partners in this blogging arrangement. The spouses, partners & children. Today I’m hoping to share what it’s like being married to “a blogger”.

Setting the scene

Nearly twelve years ago, I walked into a bar with the sole intention of turning some bank notes into small change & following my kebab home like a compass, when my train of thought was interrupted by a very pretty lonesome looking young woman. A conversation was struck & unbeknown to the pair of us that was the beginning of our beautiful relationship. From the very beginning I always knew that Liane had a passion for writing. It had been the one constant in her life, unfortunately possibly the only one until this point. As time went on Liane would occasionally share stories of how she would write short novels as a child & the old typewriter that she had. We amassed a small library within a short space of time because we both enjoy reading. A sign of things to come…

Things got serious

In 2004 Liane had what would be one of many laptops &we would spend time watching people saying & doing silly things on this relatively new website called YouTube. When we weren’t watching clips Liane would be typing away furiously & of an evening she would be doing the same, only pausing briefly to eat chocolate spread on toast & have a mouthful of tea. Eventually I asked her what she was doing? With a puzzled look almost like I should have known better for asking she would look up & say “I’m doing my Live Journal?!”. From that moment in time Liane morphed like a caterpillar into the blogger that you’re all familiar today. So what changed? Well four years ago Liane said that she had out grown Live Journal & moved to the more public platform of Blogger. I disagree, I don’t think she outgrew Live Journal, instead I think that she has become more confident as a person over the last twelve years & eight years of semi private writing on Live Journal may have played a small part in that. However, the move truly came from her self confidence growing & her desire to share her writing more publicly. Now we are four years into blogger & it’s firmly established in our lives. Liane is content that Blogger can provide her the platform to express her creative side & with the help of her new found friend & fellow blogger Samantha she has decided to take her blogging to the next step.

Blogging the trials & tribulations

As the spouse of a blogger you have to endure the failures & burdens of which 10% is writing & 90% is promoting (or so I’m told), equally you get to observe their successes. For example when Liane was offered her first sponsored post on behalf of Argos for Maxi Cosi products. Liane went through a range of emotions in less than thirty seconds from elation & surprise through to confusion. After the initial bout of crazy had ended she asked me if I thought it was fake or genuine. Obviously it was the latter. Then she was asked to write a post for Women’s Connect which she wrote about having a second child. Little did she know at the time that she was already pregnant. Another milestone was the legendary task of getting a domain name established for her page. I’m told that all serious bloggers have this or aspire to it. It’s one of those things! 
A good demonstration of the emotional attachment to blogging for bloggers is Liane’s birthing story post. This post as indicated lays out the events leading up to & beyond our daughter’s arrival. Something very emotional, personal & special. 

I have pondered on what drives a blogger? Honestly I don’t know, I do think that for Liane at least it’s the influence of such writers as: Elizabeth Gilbert, Jodie Picoult & Mary Oliver. Whether they had small children & a demanding schedule to contend with I don’t know. What I do know is that most bloggers say that it’s a hobby, some want it to be a career, most look at someone else who is blogging with envy & all admit that it’s a way of life for them. As a mere mortal & not a blogger that’s my humble opinion.

The meat

All of this is truly just the prelude I will get to the crux of my post now. So the question still remains: What is it like being the silent (sometimes unwilling) partner to a blogger? Well here goes…

Everything in our lives has a hashtag as a prefix, #husband etc. I’m still not sure what that is but what I can tell you is that more stuff around our house now has a hashtag on it! I seem to remember the only place you ever saw a hashtag was on the old dial tone telephones. It was the cleanest button because it was basically redundant. It may read like I’m complaining about this however, I can promise you that I’m not, I just don’t get it.

Your lives are meticulously documented with photographs & captions. I think this is by far one of the things that I’m most cautious of & at the same time grateful for. I always complain about “David Bailey” (Liane) following us around wherever we go. However, the net result is that we have a beautiful back catalogue of photos & video footage from the last twelve years.    

For a few hours a day you’re a widower to a keyboard with an occasional snap inspection on an app at least ten times an hour to ensure that the world of social media hasn’t forgotten you. As a serious point to this whimsical statement what is overwhelmingly apparent to me is the shear investment of time required to maintain the “blogger lifestyle”. The image is one of Costa coffee on the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi casually throwing a post together. When the reality is a notebook & pen, screaming children & a thousand distractions. So due to normal everyday life commitments those few hours in the evening are essential if any headway is to be made.

You don’t understand or are behind with the latest abbreviated sentence lol etc. (I don’t know anymore of them) It seems that the internet is a wash with all of these crazy abbreviations & if you’re not up to date with it you will never understand bloggers as this is an integral part of their dialogue (even if they don’t use it). Sometimes it feels like you don’t speak the same language.

NCIS would be jealous of the detailed analysis that a blog post can cover in a situation. Although I’m not a blogger & this post is no exception. Blog posts are always forthcoming with the levels of detail they provide for a situation. Interestingly watching “your blogger” when they have writers block can be frustrating & or amusing. Generally amusing though.

Anyone, anywhere at any time knows about your lives across all social media platforms. This has always been a concern of mine & more so now that we have children. There’s always an article in the news about the “dark web” so I often voice my concerns about what content Liane is sharing.

Anthony’s final thought (Why not it’s good enough for Jerry right!)
It’s not difficult to live with a blogger but like all creative people they are strange. Not stalk you down an alley strange (maybe some are), but arty strange. I think that bloggers are born bloggers. It’s certainly part of their personality & I wouldn’t change that about Liane. It’s one of my favourite things about her. Sometimes it can be intrusive & sometimes they forget that for the sake of their art. However, bloggers never fail to capture the important moments in your family’s lives. So if you’re just starting out with someone & they are blogging (& serious about it) then buckle in because it’s going to get weird!

Spoiler Alert
So What can you expect to see from Liane in the future? Well without giving too much away there will be vlogs, beauty content, reviews & more “bloggy” stuff.

For all of you who read Liane’s blog thank you for supporting her for all of these years & making her dream of a blog come to life. From myself & the children.

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