Loving Lately.

Monday again! I some times wonder why Monday and Tuesday do not go as fast as Saturday & Sunday seem to go. It feels like I'm picking James up from school on Friday and rushing to Gymnastics and the next minute I'm sending him back to school on Monday morning. 

This weekend was quiet but good. Anthony had to work all of it so it was just me and the kids. We've pretty much just hung out at home but a certain little lady did have her first ballet lesson! It was amazing and she loved it :) 

Things I've been loving this weekend.. 

Ballerina Tutu's.. Is there anything cuter? I don't think so... 

Sticky fingers... 

Cute hair clips.. Growing a fringe out on a toddler is no joke. The struggle is real! 

Drinking Coffee just got a lot more fun.. 

Little hands that try and help me fix things whilst his Daddy is at work.. 

Finally getting around to cleaning my dressing table up...

 Deliveries on a Sunday. Thank you Amazon :)

I'm looking forward to this week. Nothing special is planned but I'm feeling motivated and happy. I'm hoping the motivation sticks around for a while. 

Happy Monday friends. Have a great week!

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