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January Goals.

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Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a lovely time last night. We spent our NYE watching movies and eating pizza and neither of us made it to midnight. Oops! 

January is here though! A new year, a new month and a new set of goals. A quick recap of last months goals which I didn't do too badly with. 

1// Continue to post five times a week here. I've gotten into a groove and I like it. My month working with Samantha was worth it's weight in gold and she has taught me so much.  I'm going to go ahead and call this one a win. I did take five days off over Christmas but apart from that I was a Monday to Friday kind of girl :) 

2// Sort the kids toy cupboard out. With Santa's impending visit I think I need to get rid of the old (& broken) and make way for the new.  Done! And now it is filled with new toys. I may need to make this a monthly goal! 

3// Read two books that I haven't read before. This past month has been so busy that reading has had to take a back seat. Not only that but I have a habit of re-reading books that I love. That isn't a bad thing but I want to read some new books. Big fat fail. 

4// Write and actually send Christmas cards. I always buy them. Most of the time I actually write them. It's not very often I end up sending them though. I always forget and then it gets too late so I just give up on them. This year I actually want to send them! Another fail. I didn't even buy Christmas cards.. 

5// Relax over Christmas. I am one of those people that always has a million and one things on the go. Places I want to be and jobs I need to finish. I want to take the Christmas period and forget about the to-do list. I want to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. I want to bake with the kids and make meals from scratch. I mostly managed this one. I took some time off from the computer. We watched movies. We drank hot chocolate. We had dance parties in the kitchen. It was much needed. 

1// Get back into exercising. I just haven't been able to find the time recently with everything else that I have going on. It's a poor excuse and something that I am desperate to change. I am a different person when I exercise regularly. 

2// Organise my blog schedule more. Occasionally I will schedule a post in advance but most of the time I write it on the day. Actually, most of the time I don't even know what I'm going to write about until that day. I want to plan my time better with regards to blogging. I don't think I will ever be one those people that have four weeks worth of posts all ready to go.. (Oh how I envy you!) but I would at least like to know what I am going to write for the current week. 

3// Work on my patience. This doesn't really need explaining, I guess. I want to have more patience with James & Emilie, more patience with myself. I don't want to get worked up over all the little problems that occur in everyday life. 

4// Organise James' birthday presents. I cannot believe he turns seven in February. It is mind boggling.

5// Read one new book. I know I wanted to read two last month and failed so I'm going to be realistic and set myself the goal of just one book for this month. 

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