Breastfeeding in Public - A Modern Controversy.

The debate about breastfeeding in public is going strong. It seems like every other article I read now is someone putting their point of view across. What baffles me though is that for millions of years women have been using their breasts for feeding their infants but in recent years our society seems to have sexualised them so much that now women are being asked to feed their children in the bathroom or in the car when they are in public.. You only have to turn on the music channel to see a half naked women in a video, however that seems fine and no one bats an eye lid.

I watched Alyssa Milano's interview with Wendy Williams today and was genuinely shocked. Wendy, a Mum herself, admitted that she has an issue with women breastfeeding in public but she has no problems seeing women's breasts in the media. Alyssa has documented her breastfeeding journey with her two children on her Instagram account and has received not only positive encouragement but also backlash. With that she's become an advocate for breastfeeding in public and right now I want to give her a high five for how she handled herself in the interview. It's a natural thing. It's why women have breasts. To feed and nurture their children. As Alyssa said in the interview, "Would you want to eat under a blanket?"

I breastfed both James and Emilie. Only for a small amount of time, due to medical issues, but when each time I had to stop I physically grieved not being able to have the breastfeeding journey that I had hoped for. During the time I was feeding them myself though, if I was out with them and they were hungry, they ate. From Costa Coffee to Hamley's Toy Store in London. Of course I was as discreet as I could be but there was no way I was going to put a blanket on their heads or sit in a bathroom cubicle hiding. When Emilie was 3 days old I had to feed her in a doctors waiting room and the looks of disgust that I received were shocking. Our society is so obsessed with breasts but if you use them for what nature intended them for then you run the risk of being called out and judged.

It honestly feels like Mothers can do no right. You breastfeed and it's called disgusting. You are told that you should cover up, that you are looking for attention. You don't breastfeed and you are called selfish. You obviously don't want what's best for your baby. You use cloth nappies and you are a hippy and a martyr. You use disposable nappies and you are destroying the earth. You choose to stay at home with your children and you are then called lazy but you decide to go back to work and people say that you're selfish and letting other people raise your children.

Civilisation has advanced so much is recent years. Medical advancements, scientific achievements. Just last month we sent the first UK publicly funded astronaut into space but it seems that with regards to something so natural as nourishing our children we are going backwards, not forwards.

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