Weekend Recap - Solving Problems.

What a weekend. Anthony and I have spoken a lot recently about what we want to do with regards to housing. Our home isn't really big enough but at the moment we don't really have the option to move. It's been getting me down lately. Looking at all the work that needs doing. Trying to arrange the kids bedroom to accommodate them both, then having most of their stuff in our bedroom because theirs just isn't big enough for everything.

We spoke about it again on Friday night and decided rather than just moaning about it. Lets do something instead. Moving isn't an option so on Saturday morning Anthony set about switching the kids into our bedroom and vice versa. It was a mammoth task and it took him all day but it's done! The kids have the bigger bedroom and we managed to get our stuff into the smaller one. I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to get our bed and furniture in but we done it! It actually looks really cozy and James and Emilie love the extra room that they now have!

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and trying to organise bits and pieces. It actually felt really good to try and fix a problem rather than just moaning about it. Although I do think that I may need another weekend to recover from this one..

The next two weeks leading up to Christmas are busy. James has a lot going on at school and Anthony starts a new job tomorrow. Even Emilie has a party at her nursery to attend. I swear both kids have a better social life than me!

I've got some exciting things coming up this week here too.. I think I have found the most amazing face cleanser that ever existed so stay tuned for that!

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