Two Front Teeth.

Most mothers wants to wrap their children up in cotton wool and never let anything or anyone hurt them. You want to protect them from all the evil in the world and keep their innocence in tact for as long as possible.

Yesterday walking home from school, James was walking in front of me with a friend and I was letting Emilie walk along with me whilst I pushed the pram with one hand and guided her with the other, and chatting to the Mum of James' friend.

Next thing I know their is a blood curdling scream from James. I look up and blood is pouring from his face. He's hysterical and next to him his friend is holding is own hand also screaming. I'm on my knees trying to find out where the blood is coming from as James is screaming too much to tell me. I look down and in his hand are two teeth.. His own teeth.

Through the two boys screaming we managed to decipher that his friend had punched him in the face and took two teeth out with it.

I was calm on the outside and freaking out on the inside. I didn't bring the wipes with me but I find a tissue in my pocket. I hold it up to James' gums. It is instantly red.

Emilie, normally running all over the place is rooted to the spot, a look on her face I've never seen before. She doesn't move the whole time.

I grab my phone and call the dentist. They tell me to call NHS direct. I phone them. The blood is still pouring. I wonder how gums can produce so much blood. My hands are covered in it. NHS direct tell me to go straight to A&E.

James is still crying. He tells his friend that he hates him. His friends screams back. I bundle Emilie into the pushchair. We start walking quickly towards home. I phone a taxi. I phone Anthony. I'm still calm on the outside. Freaking out on the inside. Did all the teeth come out? Is their teeth still in his gums? Will the bleeding ever stop?

I drop Emilie off at a friends house. We go to the hospital. A doctor examines James and tells us that there is nothing they can do. We just have to wait for his new teeth to grow down. I'm grateful they were baby teeth. James tells me that his gums hurt. He tells me that he isn't going to school tomorrow. I phone Anthony again.

I blame myself. If Emilie had been in the pram I wouldn't have been distracted. If I had made James hold onto the pram he would have been right next to me.

James tells me he wants a McDonalds for dinner. I oblige..

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