3 Awesome Christmas Movies!

We've had a weekend full of Christmas movies. Hence what has inspired this post :) I admit that I am one of those annoying people that start watching Christmas movies in November. The cheesier the better. It doesn't matter that you know that it's going to start out all lovely, something awful will happen and by the end of it two people will have fallen in love and it ends with the best Christmas ever. 

So what do I think are the three best Christmas movies?

1// The Santa Clause.

I have so many memories of watching this movie as a kid. I watched it this weekend with James and I loved the fact that he was watching the same movie that I grew up watching. Okay, we may have watched The Santa Clause 2 on Sunday also..

2// Elf.

Who doesn't love this film? I have yet to find a film with Will Ferrell that I don't like (Blades of Glory!) Elf just screams Christmas at me whenever it's on and automatically gets me into the festive spirit.

3// Miracle on 34th Street.

This is another one that I grew up watching and is hands down my favourite. I love it that much that a few years ago my Mum brought it on DVD for me. This is just all the Christmas magic wrapped up into two hours. It isn't Christmas until I've watched this.. And then watched it again..

What are your favourite movies that you love to watch at this time of year?

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