Our Christmas Traditions.

Hands down Christmas is my most favourite time of year. Apart from the weather I pretty much love everything about December. The movies. The music. The food. The joy. The magic. The happy children. The decorations and lights. What's not to love? 

Since having James and Emilie I've been big on making 'Christmas Traditions.' Some we've started ourselves and some that I've brought with me from my own childhood. I've moulded them together and I hope I'm helping to create some wonderful memories for our children. I decided to share some of our favourites here today :)

Every year James and Emilie get a new decoration for the tree. When they're older they can then have them. Either just to keep or to put on their own tree. I have a feeling that a grown up Emilie may appreciate this more than a grown up James but I'm hoping that he'll humour me! 

{The boots & Fox - Their decorations from last year}

On Christmas Eve, Santa delivers one present early. It's always the same thing. New PJ's to wear that night. Who doesn't love new PJ's!? James hasn't cottoned on yet that it's always the same kind of present and last year was so curious as to how Santa got into the house and left a present on each of their beds whilst we were all downstairs... 

{PJ's Santa has brought for this year!}

Once they're all dressed ready for bed we then put a Christmas movie on and have hot chocolate and gingerbread men. When James was little he had an intolerance to wheat & gluten (as well as dairy and soya) so I had to bake them from scratch and change most of the ingredients. It's a lot easier now that I can buy them. 

When I was a kid, each Christmas morning we all had to get up, dressed and have breakfast before we could open any presents. (One year Mum actually made us wait until after dinner! Us kids nearly spontaneously combusted) For breakfast though she always cooked sausage rolls and to this day the smell of them baking always takes me back to Christmas as a kid. That's one of my favourite traditions that I've brought with me. The first thing I do when I wake up on Christmas morning now is to bake sausage rolls. If you walk into my house on Christmas morning expect to be greeted by a plate of warm goodies! 

Do you have any traditions for this time of year! Let me know in the comments :) 

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