Favourite Jaclyn Hill Videos.

Over the past six months I have watched so many makeup tutorial videos on You Tube. Some I've loved, others not so much. When I find one I like though I tend to head over to their channel and check out their other videos. This is how I found Jaclyn Hill. I searched for 'smokey eye makeup' found one of her videos and was instantly hooked. She's passionate, funny and amazing with makeup. I thought today I'd share some of my favourite videos that she's uploaded.

1// Smoky Cat Eye - (The video I mentioned above)

2// Thanksgiving/Fall 2015 Makeup Tutorial

3// Emerald Smokey Eye

4// How To Look Fresh & Awake When You're Exhausted 

5// Old Hollywood Glam - Makeup & Hair Tutorial

Do you have any YouTube favourites? Share away! 

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