Expecting Too Much From Children.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article about how we should let kids be kids and that we expect too much from them at such young ages. 

And then I realised...

I am guilty of this. 

I am so quick to expect to much from my children. I'm quick to tell them to keep the noise down and to tell them to stop running from the kitchen to the living room. I tell them not to climb on the furniture or jump on their beds. 


This article really made me stop and think. If they're not hurting themselves or someone else then why can't they run circles in the living room. Why can't they go and jump in every puddle that they can find? Is it because I'm worried about what people will think if they see my children shrieking at the top of their lungs? Probably, a little. 

Kids should be allowed to be kids. They should get dirty and muddy. They should be allowed to use their imagination and make a den out of the kitchen chairs. They should be allowed to make messes and noise. 

And me.. I should stop worrying about what people think of my parenting and let my kids be kids. As the article says. 

"They have 60-80 years of adulthood but only 18 of childhood. It’s just not fair to expect them to be adults when they’re so little."

It was this quote in the article that really made me pause. 18 years out of 80 is nothing. It's a drop in the Ocean. It's the only time they have to be carefree with no worries or stresses. Pretty soon they'll have bills and mortgage payments to worry about. They'll get up everyday and go to work. They'll have their own families to raise. So right now I just want them to be kids. To get messy, to shout, to run, to use their imagination and make memories. 

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