December Goals.

December! My favourite month of the year is here! Although I'm not too sure how it has come about so quickly. Is it just me or does every year seem to go quicker and quicker? Before I know it the kids will be tearing into their presents and I'll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Before I get onto my December goals, lets recap Novembers.

1// To get the bulk of my christmas shopping finished. I know that I'm not going to be able to completely finish it but I'll feel better if most of it's done.  Finished! All of it! 

2// Complete my next two assignments for my course. That will leave me just two more to do before I've completed the course! I failed with this one.. I didn't even get one finished. Just not enough hours in the month of November. 

3// Take more photos with my camera and not just my phone. I've already gotten slightly better at this over the past two weeks or so but there is always room for improvement. This went well. Definitely took more photos with my camera than the previous few months. 

4// Go back through my older posts here and clean up the tags. I was trying to sort my categories out yesterday and the number of tags that don't need to be there astonished me! Time to sort that out!  There has been a lot of behind the scenes work going on, including cleaning up the tags :) 

5// Drink more water. I started off last month on little to no caffeine but I've slipped back into old habits. I'm still drinking a bit too much caffeine but have definitely upped my intake of water. 

1// Continue to post five times a week here. I've gotten into a groove and I like it. My month working with Samantha was worth it's weight in gold and she has taught me so much. 

2// Sort the kids toy cupboard out. With Santa's impending visit I think I need to get rid of the old (& broken) and make way for the new. 

3// Read two books that I haven't read before. This past month has been so busy that reading has had to take a back seat. Not only that but I have a habit of re-reading books that I love. That isn't a bad thing but I want to read some new books. 

4// Write and actually send Christmas cards. I always buy them. Most of the time I actually write them. It's not very often I end up sending them though. I always forget and then it gets too late so I just give up on them. This year I actually want to send them! 

5// Relax over Christmas. I am one of those people that always has a million and one things on the go. Places I want to be and jobs I need to finish. I want to take the Christmas period and forget about the to-do list. I want to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. I want to bake with the kids and make meals from scratch.

What are your goals for this month? 

Happy December! 

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