Reading// I've gone back to Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I got half way through it last time. It's such a great book but so long! I love learning about his childhood and his rise to fame. 

Watching// Last nights X-Factor. Most years I watch it religiously but this year I just haven't been feeling it so I've missed most weeks. Next week is the final though so I wanted to catch up with it this weekend. 

Eating// Don't judge me if I say a chocolate bar.. 

Drinking// Water! I'm getting better at choosing water over anything else. 

Planning// Lots of things.. The next few weeks posts for my space here. The food I want to get for Christmas. James & Emilie's schedules for the next two weeks. 

Pinning// Mostly makeup looks. 

Anxious// James has an appointment with his pediatrician tomorrow for his epilepsy and I always worry beforehand. It's a mothers prerogative.  

Appreciating// Doctors, warm drinks, cozy blankets and the fact that I think *touch wood* that we may be nearing the end of potty training! 

Wearing// It's Sunday which always calls for comfy clothes so I have a hoodie and jogging bottoms on. Doesn't get much comfier than that!

Surprised// By the weather. Seriously, where have all these storms that we've been having lately come from? I've been watching the news and the north of England especially is being battered by Storm Desmond. We've had awful wind for two days now, I don't think we'll have any fence panels in our garden left soon. 

Noticing// How quickly Emilie is growing up, especially since she started Nursery a few weeks ago. It makes me happy but also a little nostalgic. It was three years ago today that I found out I was pregnant with her! 

Inspired// I have found so many new blogs recently and the women behind them are so inspiring.  

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