Christmas Recap.

I cannot believe Christmas has been and gone! All that planning, present buying, wrapping, worrying about whether the kids are going to like their presents was all worth it but I feel like I've blinked and it's been and gone. I decided to take a blogging break over the festive period. It was lovely but I am so excited to jump back in with two feet!

Christmas day was lovely. The kids woke up at half past six which is so much better than years gone by. We didn't end up getting out of bed until nearly seven though and the look on both their faces when they saw the presents piled up under the tree was amazing. We then opened gifts. Emilie was a pro this year. She dug straight in!

They played for a bit and then we went to Anthony's brothers house for dinner. Our sister in law cooked an amazing dinner, I ate so much which is unheard of for me but it tasted so good! James and Emilie loved spending the day with their cousin and it was so nice to have a real family Christmas. Since James was born we've always spent Christmas at our house so this was a lovely change and watching the kids all play together made it even better.

My Nan has been in hospital for the past week after having surgery and the doctors let her come home on Christmas day. She still needs a lot of help so I've spent the past few days running between her house and mine. It's such a shame that she's been so poorly over the festive period but hopefully she's on the mend now. 

Boxing day and today have been quiet and low key. Anthony has been home with James & Emilie in the mornings whilst I've been with my Nan and then by the afternoon's I've been wiped out. Last night I just needed some time to relax and not have to think about anything. I switched the tv on and Twilight Eclipse was on so I spent two hours on the sofa with chocolate. It was bliss :)

I love Christmas but by New Year I am so ready to get back to normality and routines. To tidy the house and find homes for new toys. To clear out the chocolate stash and to replace it with fruit and vegetables. 

How was your Christmas? 

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