Christmas Gift Guide for Girls!

I love Christmas shopping for James & Emilie! Making the lists, searching the stores, finding deals online. I'm not such a fan of the whole wrapping process but I'll take it in exchange for seeing the looks on their faces as they rip into their gifts. I'm more excited to give presents than to receive them and seeing the joy on their faces makes it all worthwhile.

Today I'm sharing my gift guide for girls and next week I'm going to share a guide for boys gifts too. All of the toys on this post come from Mulberry Bush. I first heard of them a couple of years ago from my sister and I've shopped with them ever since. They have what I call 'proper toys.' Gorgeous dolls houses, wooden trains. And it's not over priced either which is a win-win in my opinion. A lot of James & Emilie's presents have come from them this year. 

1- Bay Tree House £25.00 
2 - Sadie Doll - £30.00
3 - Picnic Basket Tin Tea Set - £18.00
4 - Fairy Car with Skittles - £22.00 
5 - ABC Chunky Puzzle - £19.00. 
6 - Cafe Machine - £25.00
7 - Finger Printing Art - £7.99
8 - Breakfast Tray Puzzle - £25.00 

Are these not adorable gifts?! The Picnic set, I brought for my niece last Christmas and I'm so excited for Emilie to receive one this year. Plus, that dolls house! I almost wish I was young enough to put one on my wish list. 

Do you have a favourite shop where you love to buy gifts? 

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