6 Must Have Makeup Brushes.

I love trying new makeup brushes. I've acquired quite a few new ones since I started my Makeup Artistry course and watching my collection grow makes me happy. It's the little things obviously :)

I do have my favourites though and I wanted to share them with you today. I sat down this morning and chose 3 face brushes and 3 eye brushes that I reach for everyday without fail. 

First we have the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This I use for my foundation and is by far the best foundation brush I have ever used. My foundation goes on flawlessly with this and I believe it only cost about £10. Bargain :) 

The middle brush is part of a 9 piece set I ordered from Amazon. Every brush in this set is so great! And the best part was the price... £5.99!! I normally stay away from really cheap brushes, fearing that they won't be very good but these had such good reviews that I risked it and the risk paid off. I use this one mainly from my bronzer. It's soft and fluffy which just makes me love it even more. 

The last brush is from the same set and I use this for highlighting. It's not as fluffy but just as soft. I love how thick the handles are on these brushes. They feel like such great quality for hardly any money at all. 

Oh how I love a good eye brush. Doesn't everyone? :) 

Firstly is my absolute favourite. The sigma E25. I use this for everything. Packing on colour, blending, crease colour. If it's to do with the eyes then I use this brush. It was totally worth the money and washes brilliantly too. 

The middle brush is the Expert Crease brush from Real Techniques. I love how thick this is! It's perfect for getting the colour right into the crease of your eye. 

The last brush is again from the Amazon set. It tapers into a point and I find that it's great for transitioning and blending colours in the crease and just above. I have hooded eyes so I tend to take my eyeshadow and little bit higher and this brush is perfect for that. 

If I had to get rid of all my brushes and only keep a few then these 6 would be the ones to make the cut. And to think only a year ago I was using my fingers to apply eye shadow.. Shocking!

What are your favourite brushes? I'm always on the look out for new recommendations.

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