5 Tips To Beat the New Years Blues.

Christmas has come and gone. The presents have been unwrapped, the food has been eaten and tonight we will welcome in a new year. Sometimes the beginning of January can bring the "New Year Blues." After all the build up and excitement of the festive season we now face a long month before the next payday. A bare living room with no twinkly lights and more cold weather on it's way. If there is any month of the year where you could do with a bit of cheering up then it's definitely January. Here are some things that I've tried and tested in years gone by and plan on doing this month.

1// Clean & Organise! 

Taking down the Christmas decorations always makes me sad. The living space looks so bare and empty but I try to look at it as a good excuse to do a good old fashioned spring clean. The sofas get pulled out, the floor underneath them gets vacuumed (the kids love this because all their lost pieces to games and puzzles inevitably get rediscovered.) I reorganise the toy cupboard. Afterwards although the decorations may be packed away for another year, at least I get to look at a clean and tidy house.

2// Try A New Hobby.

One year it was knitting, another year I discovered my love for the gym and exercise. This year I've decided that I am going to dedicate even more of any spare time I have to my space here. Think of something you've always wanted to do and give it a go. Always wanted to take a dance class? Learn how to decorate cakes? Perform karaoke? Do it... Whats the worst that could happen?

3// Get outside!

So it may be a bit chilly? Wrap up warm and try getting outside for a walk each day. Exercise is proven to better your mood. I have to really work hard at this one though. The dark morning, early evenings and grey skies really kill my mood and I would be quite happy to hibernate from November until Spring hits. When I do force myself to get outside though I immediately notice the difference in how I'm feeling. Plus if you have kids, it lets them burn off some energy. Win win.

4// Make Time For Yourself.

Easier said than done right? After the stress of December, whether it was buying all those gifts or hosting all of your family on Christmas Day, it's important to make some time for yourself. Maybe try a pamper night. I love finding a new face mask, having a bath, painting my nails and then curling up with a good book. Taking an hour out to rejuvenate can make the world of difference.

5// Go Green.

You only have to take one look at my skin at the moment to know that I have been over indulging the past two weeks. Every year I do it and every January I start off by feeling sluggish and not my best. (Hence the one year I discovered my love of exercise) I don't believe in the whole, January means going on a diet and running five miles a day. I do like to try and have a little detox though. I drink more water. I add some more fruits and vegetables back into my diet and just try to be a little more healthier.. I could never give up chocolate completely though!

What do you do to try and beat the New Year Blues? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks :)

Happy New Year!

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