Weekend Roundup.

What a weekend it has been. I woke up on Saturday morning to the news about the shootings in Paris. What is our world coming to? It honestly scares me to think that I chose to bring two children into this and I am fearful for what is to come for them. Paris is somewhere that I have always wanted to visit but have never done. My heart breaks for them right now.

Our weekend was slow and pretty uneventful. A little bit of shopping, the first Christmas movie of the season, bacon & mushroom wraps. Perfect for this time of year; especially as the weather has decided to turn and it's so cold now! The wind has been awful, apparently it is the tail end of hurricane Katie. I just noticed that we lost two fence panels in the back garden last night.

Emilie hasn't had a good week and it didn't get any better over the weekend. She has been so teary and emotional. She's always been highly strung but it's been worse than normal. The littlest thing will set her off and theres no talking her down. She's also been waking up a lot a night, which is surprising because she's been sleeping through for about 6 months now. I'm wondering if this is due to her starting nursery.. She does enjoy it but we have a lot of tears when I drop her off and she keeps asking for me when she's there. Maybe she's just too young? I'm going to see how she goes but it's not doing anything to help my Mummy guilt. I'm hoping drop off today goes better..

Here's to another week! How was your weekend?

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