Wall Decals - A Review.

There is so much that I want to do in our house.  I would love to decorate pretty much every room. We need a new living room carpet. I also wouldn't say no to new furniture. We've decided though that there isn't really much point in doing a lot of these things because we need to move to a bigger house where the kids have a bedroom each and we're not piling on top of one another. That being said though I love 'feathering my nest' and making it look as nice as I can, regardless of how cramped we are or how small our budget may be.

I've been looking at wall decals on and off for a while now, choosing which ones I like but never committing to purchasing them. A couple of week ago Icon Wall Stickers asked me if I wanted to try some and I pretty much bit their arm off. I spent a while looking around their site and settled on one for my kitchen and one for the kids bedroom.

The day they arrived I was like a kid ripping into their christmas presents. New things for my home make me giddy, what can I say.

The stickers looked amazing. They were well packaged and I was pleasantly surprised by the size of them. I prepped the walls and set about getting them up.

If I could give you two pieces of advice when applying wall decals in your home.. Wait until you have no children around you and you have lots of time. I didn't realise how fiddly the stickers are and it took me a few attempts to get them onto the walls properly. I may have used a few choice words in the process.

The end result is pretty cool though :) 

James loves Maths. Numbers are his thing so when I saw that they had an eight times table wall decal I was sold. This was the fiddliest one out of the two but James is over the moon with it. 

Overall I am so happy with them. With the one in the bedroom a few of the numbers got stuck onto the backing paper so I had to peel them off and place them on the wall by hand but I think this may have more to do with my inexperience than the actual product. If you're in the market for some wall decoration then I would definitely say to check Icon Wall Stickers out. 

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