The Differences Between Boys & Girls.

When I was pregnant the second time and found out that I was having girl so many people said.. "Oh girls are so much easier than boys.." 

They were lying.. 

No, seriously. They were. 

Girls are fantastic but Emilie by far has been 100 times harder than James ever was.. 

1 They are more demanding. 

2 They are emotional. 

3 They shriek at a pitch I didn't even know existed. 

4 They are picky.. With their clothes, their food, their hair.

5 They learn quickly to say, "It wasn't me. My brother done it."

6 They also quickly learn the butter wouldn't melt look.

7 They don't care if it's raining and five degrees. They want to wear their sandals. (Please note that if you continue to say no to the sandals request then girls will deploy number 3) 

8 Their tantrums seem to last a few hours longer than boys.. Maybe that's just Emilie though. 

9 They assert their independence a lot quicker than boys.

10 They learn quickly that turning on the tears normally helps them get what they want.  

That all being said.. Girls really are amazing. They're funny and sweet. My little lady is my mini me and I wouldn't change her for the world :) 

What do you think? Which are easier, boys or girls? 

You Baby Me Mummy

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