Study Tips.

I was the worst student at school when it came to homework, studying & revision for exams. I always managed to do it. I just wasn't very good at organising or motivating myself and would then find myself the day before an assignment was due, hunched over the table, furiously writing away. Now that I am back in the world of being a student.. This time an 'older' student I figured it was time for me to kick my studying habits up a notch. 

1// Location, Location, Location

My wish for when we finally move to a bigger house is for me a have an office all to myself. Until that happens though for now I have to try and find somewhere that is free from distractions and comfortable. Mostly that means the kitchen table. (Although, the other night I found myself on the living room floor.. My back did not thank me the next day so I definitely do not advise that.) At the table I have space to lay all my books and reading material out. I can plug my MacBook in and I'm good to go.

2// Limit Distractions 

When my husband was at college a couple of years ago, whenever he would study at home he had his music blaring. I would ask him how in the world could he concentrate. Apparently the music helped him. I'm the complete opposite of that. I need quiet and as little distractions as possible.

3// Pick Your Time of Day

Are you an early bird that gets their best work done before the sun has even risen or are you more of a night owl? Figure out when you work best and utilise that time. Because I need less distractions, I tend to wait until the kids are in bed and I've finished any housework etc before I set down to work. If I'm thinking of all the chores I should be doing then I'll never focus long enough to get any descent work done.

4// Take A Break

Don't stare at a computer screen until you go cross eyed. Firstly it's not good for you and secondly you probably won't be producing your best work. Every thirty minutes take a few minutes to stretch your legs, grab a drink or just take a few minutes time out. It's been said that it is difficult to store new information after you've been studying for over 40 minutes, so before that happens take a break and refresh.

5// Set Achievable Goals

The worst thing you could do for your motivation is to set yourself an unachievable goal. If you don't manage to meet it you will then end up feeling disheartened. Prioritise your other commitments. When do you have to collect the kids? Do you have a job that you have to get to? Figure all that out and then decide how much time you can commit to your studies and what is realistically achievable in that time frame. Some weeks I manage eight hours of study whereas other weeks I barely manage two. That's perfectly fine though. As long as you're doing something and creating your best work.

Were you like me at school, a disorganised mess or were you better prepared?

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