Revolution 2016 Eyeshadow Palette.

I wondered into Superdrug at the weekend looking for a cheap pair of hair straighteners after my 2 month old GHD's died on me.. (They're replacing them, thank god!) I wasn't particularly looking for any makeup but off course I had to take a peek down that aisle and am I ever thankful that I did!  

I found the Revolution 2016 Eye shadow palette for just £10.. Now I love a good bargain but if you ask me 144 eyeshadows for that price is more than just a bargain. There is every colour you could ever need in here.. 

I've been using it for the past three days and I love it. They're pigmented and blend like a dream.. I am loving the coppery tones and I've also been playing around with the dark pinks and purples which has been fun, especially in this dreary weather.

I have a feeling that these won't last long, you can find them online here if you're interested.. I'm tempted to buy a second one to stash away for safe keeping...

(This is not a sponsored post..I just get really excited when I find a good bargain!)

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