My Winter Makeup Wish List.

A girl can never have too much makeup right?

This time of year I normally end up not feeling my best. The shorter days, darker evening, the cold and rain all end up making me feel a little bit down. This then has a knock on effect of me loosing my motivation and wanting to sit in my PJ's all day..

I always find that if I look good then I feel good. The days when my hair is done, my makeup is on and I love my outfit, I end up getting so much more accomplished.

On that note.. I've been making my "Winter Makeup Wish List.."

My skin never looks it's best in the morning. I have combination skin so as well as being oily it is also quite dry at times. I really want to try this overnight moisturiser. It helps to make your skin look brighter, smoother and younger looking! 

2// Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls

What better way to get rid of the winter blues than with a sun kissed glow?

3// Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Shadow - Serene

I love my browns, golds and neutral shades but these shades look beautiful for winter. They look so warm and any shadow that last 16 hours is a must for me.

4// Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick - Sugar Honey Shimmer

This colour is just me all over. If I need a pick me up then a new lipstick will always do the trick.

5// Too Faced Natural Radiance Face Palette

This face palette has everything you need to create an all over warm glow. What could be better on a cold, wet, grey day?

6// Too Faced Petite Pouf Brush

This brush is perfect for powders, blushes and bronzers on the go. I love that it's retractable so easy to pop into your bag and off you go :)

What's on your Winter Wishlist?

All the products listed can be purchased here.


  1. Haha! I'm not much a make-up user but once a year or so I decide I'm GOING to be the girl with flawless make up that looks perfect all the time. In reality- I wear sweaty gym clothes, dirty hair, and no make-up. However, yesterday I wore eye liner and mascara just because (nothing else) and I got the most compliments about how nice I looked. Ha! Of course I thought "man! maybe I should start wearing make up more often" but I already fell off that wagon.

    1. Haha! After I had my son I didn't even look at makeup for a year. It was only a few months ago that I really got into it and then decided I was going to do a makeup artist course.
      Compliments are always nice :)


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