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Emilie is one of the messiest toddlers that I know. Off course all toddlers are messy but she will jump in every puddle, if she's in the garden she will find the one pile of mud and eating? Well, she gets more food on herself and the floor than in her stomach.

Evidence A -

Evidence B - 

So when Funky Giraffe contacted me asking if they could send me some bibs, I jumped at the chance. Most of Emilie's current bibs are too small for her now that she is two. I cannot even begin to tell you how many tops that have been ruined by food stains over the past few months. 

The ordering process was simple. There is a section for Large bibs and their sizing goes to XXL. I was a bit concerned as to whether they would be large enough for a toddler but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised. There are three poppers on each bib meaning that you can adjust the size and even on the smallest size it is plenty big enough for Emilie. She has so much growing room with it too. 

Funky Giraffe was founded by Mum who's hobby was making her son clothes! Now, not only do they sell in England but also France, America and Australia

One of the things I first noticed about these bibs apart from the size, was how soft they are. They are made with 100% cotton and are honestly the softest bibs that I have come across. It is normally a chore to get Emilie to keep them on but these ones she wore around the house long after dinner time. 

From the Funky Giraffe website..

"We are into the details of what we produce, for example all our fabric we purchase is certified by OEKO –TEX to be safe and free from all hazardous dyes which is the easy part, and we wanted to ensure the best possible print quality, but while solvent dyes are legal we saw there is a big difference between a t-shirt worn by an adult and a bib which a baby may chew, that is why we use water based dyes for our printing, it’s more tricky but we think it’s worth it for your baby and for the environment."

I love this. Every parents wants what is best for their child. Whether that's the food they are eating, the life experiences they are receiving or the clothes they are wearing. 

 The bright colours are gorgeous and they have so many prints and styles to choose from.

To see more styles then head over to their website here

Thank you Funky Giraffe for offering us the chance to try your bibs. We love them :) 

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