Five Great Books for Toddlers.

Between me, Anthony and the kids, I'm pretty sure we have enough books to fill a library. Ever since I can remember I've had my nose stuck in a book and it's one of the better traits of mine that the kids have picked up from me. Emilie is at the stage at the moment where she has her favourite books and asks me to read them over and over again... And then again..  Here's our five favourites at the moment. 

1// The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

Who doesn't love this book!? James is six and still likes to read it. I think it's the colours and the simple storyline that makes it such a big hit with little ones. Emilie's favourite page is where it lists all the food he ate on the sixth day. This is definitely a must in any toddlers book collection.

2// Guess How Much I Love You - Sam McBratney

I brought this for James when he was about ten months old. It's since been made into a tv cartoon but I still prefer the book. It's such a sweet story and now Emilie loves it just as much as James did.

3// What The Ladybird Heard - Julia Donaldson

This is my favourite one to read to the kids for two reasons. The pictures and the fact that it rhymes. When you're reading a book for the 50,000th time rhyming helps! The kids love the storyline of this book and how it's the quiet ladybird that saves the day. 

4// Pirate Pete & Princess Polly, Please and Thank you.  

This was the first book in the Pirate Pete and Princess Polly collection that I brought for Emilie. It is all about teaching children manners and I love how it's done in such a simple way but it works. 

5// Princess Polly's Potty 

A potty training book for girls. There is another one for boys called Pirate Pete's Potty. This book helped us so much when we first started potty training Emilie. She loved picking out her favourite underwear and potty in the book. When we first brought this she wouldn't read any other book for so long! She also loves the fact that it cheers for Princess Polly when she goes on the potty!

So those are our favourite books at the moment. What are yours? Are your children a fan of the Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books?

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