The past few days haven't been the best. A six year old down with a cold, missing bank cards, a to-do list longer than my arm.. Nothing terrible and nothing that can't be fixed, but all the little things build up until my head feels like it's going to explode so I end up in the bath at 4pm on a Sunday. Just for ten minutes peace and quiet. Turns out the water wasn't fully heated so it ended up being a lukewarm bath. The peace and quiet was welcomed though..

I am in the mood to do a currently post. It's been a few weeks and I like them. They help organise my cluttered mind..

Reading// Mostly my coursework. I'm trying to get ahead so that I can take a break for Christmas. 

Watching// Anthony and I have started watching a documentary series on Netflix called, "Life Below Zero." It follows people that live in the remote parts of Alaska. It fascinates me; however I don't think I could do it. 

Pinning// Makeup looks mostly. 

Tweeting// Lots of blog links. I've also been following a motivational quotes account. I love a good quote. 

Cooking// I have no idea whats for dinner at the moment. Shopping day isn't until tomorrow so it will be something out of the freezer. 

Drinking// Water. I'm doing really well at increasing my water intake. 

Loving// The fact that it's nearly Christmas. I love this season! The clothes, the food, the music!

Thinking// About everything that I need to do. Appointments that I have this week. There is lots coming up with James and his school, plus now with Emilie in nursery. It all adds up. 

Feeling// Tired but happy. 

Hoping (for)// James to feel better and for us to all stop passing this cold between us. 

Smelling// My Cinnamon yankee candle. It's my favourite one; especially at this time of year.

Ordering// Christmas presents!

Wearing// Jeans and my new ankle boots. I posted a photo on Instagram last week and I love them! 

Clicking// Through bloglovin and Twitter. 

Loving// The weather. It's colder but not too bad at the moment. Give me a few weeks and I'll be wishing for the sun again. 

Before I go.. Remember last week I wrote my Winter Makeup Wish List. Well, Save On Makeup have given me a fun offer code to share with you all. Simply enter "SOM FREE GIFTS" at the checkout and receive TWO free gifts with your order! Head on over to www.saveonmakeup.co.uk to check it out :) 

Here's to another week! 

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