Reading... This week I started and finished the new book by Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella. Yes, I know the book isn't aimed at thirty year olds but I like some of her YouTube videos so off course I had to read the book. It actually wasn't that bad and I found myself enjoying it.  

Watching... I haven't watched much of anything this week. I've been reading, writing and drawing instead. I have been watching a few YouTube videos if that counts. 

Trying... To get organised for the week ahead. Back to school for James and Emilie's first day of nursery is tomorrow. She is so excited! 

Cooking... I have no idea what I'm doing for dinner yet tonight. It's only 10am so I've got time to figure it out. It will probably be chicken or pasta. 

Drinking... A cup of tea. I feel like I need the caffeine and sugar today. I didn't sleep well last night so I'm dragging today. 

Eating... Is it bad if I say the kids Halloween sweets?! 

 My motivation lately. I want to do everything. Clean everything. Write. Read. Learn. There are not enough hours in my day at the moment. 

Thinking... That I'm excited for November. To start working with Samantha from The Samantha Show. That I really need to get working on my Christmas shopping for the kids. I've started it but no where near finished. I keep seeing people share on Facebook about how many days it is until Christmas day and it scares me! 

Feeling... Tired & un-organised. I plan to rectify the second one today. 

Hoping (for)... A good first day for Emilie tomorrow. I don't think she quite realises that I won't be staying with her. She is only going for one hour to start with so we'll see how she does. 

Smelling... My vanilla yankee candle. I want to get some more Autumn/Christmassy scents. 

Ordering... Quite a bit of Amazon recently. Most of it not for me.. 

Wearing... Jeans, trainers and my comfy hoodie. Sundays are for cozy clothes. 

Writing... Blog posts and comments on other peoples' blogs. I also need to write my next assignment for my Makeup Artist course. I'll probably do that tonight.  

Clicking... My camera.. I've been picking it up a lot more lately and not just grabbing my phone to take photos. It's so easy to grab when it's always with me that I tend to end up forgetting that I own a pretty awesome camera! 

Happy Sunday! 


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