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13 Reasons You Know You Are British..

The idea of this post came to me after I had spoken to Samantha from The Samantha Show and she commented on my accent. We laughed about it because to me, I don't have an accent, but I guess to anyone not from England, I do.

It then got me thinking about "British Traits" and well, here we are.. What I think are the top funny traits of a British Person.

1// You firmly believe that a hot cup of tea can solve anything. 

2// You have strong opinions on what comes first on a scone.. Jam or Cream.. (I think Jam) 

3// One of your biggest pet peeves is queuing. 

4// Another pet peeve is people moaning about queuing. 

5// It's not Sunday unless you wash the car.

6// The first hint of sunshine in March and you pull your shorts out of hiding. 

7// Your main language is sarcasm. 

8// An inch of snow falls and you call into work sick. 

9// You cannot fathom why people would want to put peanut butter and jam together. 

10// A meal is not complete without meat and two veg.

11// A night out starts at 5pm and doesn't finish until 5am the next morning.. 

12// You don't understand why some countries take the 'U' out of words.. "Colour.. Color' 

13// You have an obsession with traffic.. Especially bank holiday traffic.. 

Are you from England? Do you agree with any of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hahahaha I read this in my version of a British accent and pictured you saying it while I was reading it haha and now I have to google what queing is! lol

    1. Haha! Now I'm curious as to what your word for queuing is!


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