I love weekends. Especially at this time of year when it feels like the whole world is slowing down. No school runs. No deadlines. Just slow mornings, cozy evenings and a whole lot of nothing in-between. I tend to try and fill the Summer with lots of things so by this time of year I am ready to hibernate. To feather my nest and spend the days with family. 

This weekend we have been talking about what to do with the house. We only have two bedrooms and two children.. Add a Mummy and Daddy into that and well the maths doesn't add up.. We've come to the conclusion that we need to switch bedrooms with the kids.. It's a mammoth task but I'm thinking that I can de-clutter at the same time.. Win-win right? I'm itching to start it right away..

This week is busy. James has a 7 day EEG set to start on Wednesday which means lots of trips back and forth from the hospital and a week off school. Wish me luck. If I still have hair by the end of this I'll consider it a success..

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