Two Little Girls.

My sister had her daughter, Eva, four months before Emilie was born. At the time those four months felt like a big age gap. We all know how much babies change in four months. As time has gone on that gap has seemed less and less and now that they're both two years old those four months seem like nothing at all.

Aimee and Eva came over yesterday morning. James was at school, so it was just the girls playing and it was so sweet watching them together. As soon as they arrived Emilie went running out shouting "Eva Bear!" She loves her cousin :)

I think both raising daughters together has made our relationship stronger. We're both going through the same things at around the same time, (potty training for one!) and we are constantly on the phone with each other, bouncing ideas around or just venting our frustrations. 

In the words of Emilie - "We're having a pic-a-nic"

Before Aimee had Eva and I only had James, Aimee use to say to me, "You will never understand how much I love my nephew. I love him like he's my own." And although I did know how much she loved him, I didn't really understand until she had Eva and I got to be the Auntie. I know that she isn't mine but I love her like she is. My little Eva Bear, and watching her with my own children just makes it all the more special :) 

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