Things To Do.. Autumn Half Term.

I've been sat here thinking of ways I can entertain James & Emilie this coming week. The summer holidays are easy. The weather is better so spending days outside is the key to working off all that excess energy that comes with kids. The end of October though? The weather is colder, the days are shorter and entertainments becomes slightly more difficult.

1// Bake Halloween treats - If your kids are anything like mine then they love it when they can get messy in the kitchen. These look like an easy and fun way to pass an afternoon.

2// Go on an Autumn walk - We're lucky in the fact that just a 30 second walk from our house is a field that leads into a woods. Put some wellies on, bundle up in your coats and off you go!

3// Make a collage - Whilst on your walk collect leaves, twigs and anything else you can find, come home and bust the glue out!

4// Carve pumpkins - An obvious one. I am not a fan of this. The insides of a pumpkin freak me out but I enjoy the rest of it. I've seen some amazing creations over the years.. 

5// Make Halloween decorations - Head to Pinterest for some creative ideas.. Mine never end up looking like theirs does but it's the thought that counts, right?

6// Indoor picnic - If the weather means that you cannot get outside then have an indoor picnic! I only have to mention the word "picnic" and my kids excitement level goes into overdrive. Throw some blankets on the floor and go for it. 

7// Take a day trip - Day trips work out expensive. Once you've factored in travel, admission, food and everything else that comes with leaving the house with kids but you can get some good rail discounts or cut costs in other ways, maybe by taking lunch with you, instead of eating out. 

8// Have a Halloween Party - Put those decorations that you've made and treats that you've created to good use. Invite some friends around and have a little party. It'll wear the kids out and you may even be able to get some grown up conversation in! 

9// Duvet & movie day - Every school holiday should include one day where you stay in your pj's, snuggle under duvets, watch Disney movies on repeat and eat cereals for dinner. 

What's on your list for this half term? 

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