October. Yesterday I started Christmas shopping for James & Emilie, not quite believing that it was that time of year already. For the past week the weather has been so warm and not at all autumn like, which makes it even harder to believe. Today is a little chillier and more autumnal, which I am not complaining about. The boys are out so it's just me and Emilie, we've had a cozy, relaxing day.

This is definitely my favourite time of year. It feels like everything goes at a slightly slower pace. It's getting dark now around 7pm and I love it. Blankets & movies. Warm drinks. Slow weekend mornings. Early nights. It's the nice part before the winter and cold weather arrives.. I'm not a fan of that.. 

All of us are suffering with the sniffles. Neither of the kids seem to have a full blown cold but they've got noses like taps at the minute so I'm making my go-to dinner for when everyone feels a bit under the weather. One pot pasta. Today is the perfect weather for it too..

Happy Saturday!

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