James' EEG & The Terrible TWO's

The past two days have been stressful. Yesterday morning James had his EEG fitted and to say he's unhappy about it would be an understatement. He was so good whilst the nurse attached all the wires and didn't fidget around like I was worried about but as soon as it was time to leave the hospital he suddenly realised that people outside would see him. He put his coat on, his hat and then his hood up and only then would he venture outside. At home he isn't too bothered by it, although sleeping last night was difficult for him, and therefore me. I'm running on about four hours sleep and struggling!

We had to go out this morning for some surgical tape and outside James turned into a different child. Defiant, back chatting to me and generally just being naughty. I know it's because he's conscious about what people think. He says he feels silly; but with so little sleep I found it hard to cope with. Needless to say this afternoon we are staying indoors. A snuggly afternoon with maybe a Disney movie is definitely called for.

We're back at the hospital tomorrow so they can download the past 48 hours data and then again next Monday and hopefully they'll take it off then. I can't blame him for not liking it. I can imagine it's not the comfiest thing and then having all the wires attached to a box, which he then has to carry around in a shoulder bag just adds to his discomfort. If it gives us some answers regarding his epilepsy then I know it is all worth it. It's just hard to explain it to a six year old.

Whilst I'm on the subject of children lets talk about the terrible two's. My already demanding daughter has spent the past week basically in one long temper tantrum. Okay, maybe not, but it feels like it's one big long one. Anything at the minute will set her off, running around the room screaming until she finds the nearest piece of furniture to throw herself on, kicking and thrashing. Her favourite word is 'No."

I know from experience that the terrible two's don't last forever and just like I did with James, one day I'll sit there and think.. "Wow, Emilie hasn't had a tantrum in three days.." At the moment though that time feels a long way off.

So for now I will look forward to bedtime. I will hope that James sleeps better than he did last night and I will not feel guilty for the Disney movies that we are about to watch.

One day at a time Mama's.. Or in my case this week, one hour at a time :)

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  1. Poor James (and poor Mama) that has to be hard on the both of you! Praying the results come back with good news/results for you guys!

    I hope things get better and you have an awesome weekend, like you said one day at a time :)


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