Friday Nuggets.

1// This week has flown by. Quicker than normal I might add. I've been trying to keep the kids busy during half term and I think I've succeeded. Everyday we've done something different so today we've had a lazy-watching movies-kind of a day and it was much needed. Yesterday we went to the zoo. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the kids. I've never been to a zoo before so I love that I got to experience it for the first time with them. 

2// I've been looking into self hosting my blog and after a day of researching I am already overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Domain names, hosting sites, wordpress.. It's all starting to sound the same to me.. I am not a tech savvy person and my biggest fear is that I am going to loose all of my posts here. Either that or not redirect traffic properly.. I need to find someone that knows all about this! 

3// Emilie starts nursery this coming Monday! I am part excited and part terrified. She is just excited. She's only going for an hour on the first day and we will work up to three hours twice a week. Monday and Fridays. I can't believe she is starting nursery already. She is a little bit younger than James was but she is a lot more clingy than he was so I think it might do her good. If she doesn't settle in then we can always stop and wait a while. That's the only reason I am not freaking out completely!

4// Halloween is tomorrow night! The kids both have their costumes. I cannot wait to be the crazy Mum taking loads of photos. James is Frankenstein and Emilie is a witch. We'll see how long James lasts with his costume. He isn't a fan of dressing up so I was surprised when he agree to choosing an outfit. Watch this space for photos...  

Happy Friday :) 


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