Reading... I'm still reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Truth be told I've only picked up a book once this past week. I've just been too busy. 

Watching... I went to bed early last night and watched some more Once Upon A Time. I've now reached the current season and it's gotten even better! 

Trying... To kick this cold that I've had for four days now. It's wiped me out but no sick days for Mummies! 

Cooking... I've promised everyone a fried lunch. Bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, the works.. 

Drinking... A cup of tea. I've been doing really well with cutting down on the caffeine but with this cold and feeling so rubbish I need all the warm drinks! 

Eating... I haven't eaten anything yet today. Nothing sounds good. Maybe because I can't smell or taste anything at the moment? 

 The autumnal weather. The cozy feeling in my living room right now. The plans I have for next month. Lots of exciting things going on :) 

Thinking... That I am not a fan of the clock change. Last night we went back an hour and at 5am this morning I had two wide awake children giggling and shouting in their bedroom. I know from experience that it's going to take them a few days to adjust. A fun few days ahead.. 

Feeling... Cold. A little bit hungry. As bad as I feel though I am also feeling very motivated and enthusiastic. 

Hoping (for)... Two children that sleep later tomorrow morning! Thank goodness we are now on half term..  

Smelling... The clean washing that is drying next to me. My dryer is broken so as much as it's a pain having to dry it around the house, it does smell awesome. 

Ordering... Food shopping and theres a few books that I want to get. I've also been looking at blogging planners on Amazon. 

Wearing... Gym clothes. I have no intention of going to the gym but they're warm and comfy. Enough said. 

Writing... Blog posts and more blog posts. 

Clicking... I've tried to make a conscious effort this week to take more photos of the normal moments. Things that might not seem important now but in years to come I am going to miss. 

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