Reading... Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I started it a few weeks ago and then had to put it down whilst I was busy with other things. I picked it back up yesterday and am already so engrossed in it again.  

Watching... I watched Case 39 on Netflix last night. I love scary movies but for some reason this one really freaked me out. Maybe because the 'demon' was a child? 

Trying... To organise the house. Sunday is my cleaning day. I like to get things all fresh and ready for the week ahead. 

Cooking... Tonight I'm doing chicken. I'm not sure what I'm putting with it yet. Maybe some roast potatoes. It all depends what I can find in the cupboard! 

Drinking... Water. I've really cut down on my caffeine lately. 

Eating... Some Danish cookies. We use to have them at Christmas when I was a kid and I haven't seen them in years. I found some in the shop yesterday and just had to have them. 

 I've been writing a lot at the moment and I love it. I wish there were more hours in the day sometimes. I always seem to be rushing from one job to the next. I've recently started drawing too. I've always been artistically challenged but lately I've been spending a lot of time with a pencil in my hand. I can see a slight improvement.. 

Thinking... About James' hospital appointment tomorrow to get his EEG taken off. I'm not sure who's more excited about it. Me or him. 

Feeling... Excited for November. I'm going to be working with Samantha from The Samantha Show and cannot wait!   

Hoping (for)... A calmer week than last week. 

Smelling... I have my 'Christmas Treats' Yankee candle burning and it smells amazing. I normally prefer the cinnamon smelling ones but this one isn't bad. 

Ordering... Books, Christmas presents and the food shopping. 

Wearing... Jeans, black boots and this top from New Look, it's so comfy. 

Writing... Blog posts, lists of ideas for posts & notes for a book I have forming inside of my head. 

Clicking... Through blogs on bloglovin. I've recently found some more new ones to follow. You can never have enough :)


  1. I've been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake as well! I've been buying cute tumblers to help motive me to drink water!

    1. I've been doing the same thing! I've got some cute glass jars with straws in a bid to help :)

    2. You've switched to your own domain!! Love this post...am hoping to start Big Magic soon. Can't wait to see your collab with Samantha. Love that you're writing!!!!!!


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