Autumn Bucket List.

I've been wanting to do this post for a while but it just hasn't felt Autumnal enough.. Today though, it's perfect Autumn weather. It's chilly outside but cozy inside. I went outside with my Mum earlier and we both commented that it 'smelt' like Autumn. Don't ask me what Autumn smells like because I couldn't tell you, but it did.. (Also how many times can one woman write Autumn in a signal paragraph?)

1// Carve pumpkins with the kids. Emilie has never done this so it's going to be interesting.

2// Make these snacks.. 

3// Finish Christmas shopping. I don't want to be rushing around mid-december trying to get last minute presents.

4// Take the kids to the firework display. We've never taken them because it's way past their bedtime but this year I am going to tell my type-A personality to do one..

5// Overhall this little space of mine.

6// Bake puddings on a Sunday. Last week I made apple crumble with apples from the tree in our garden and it was amazing. It made me want to try baking different things.

7// Whilst I'm on the subject of food. During the autumn/winter months I make a lot of homemade soup and also warm breakfasts.. I think this coming week it's time to introduce them again.

8// Switch the kids into our bedroom and us into theirs.

What about you? Any plans for Autumn?

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