A Pain In The..... Foot.

For a few months, on and off, I've been experiencing pain in the ball of my foot. It's never been too bad and only ever lasted for a few hours or so. This past Saturday, I woke up and my foot felt a little sore but I figured the pain would go in a bit.. As the day wore on though, the pain got worse. I found it really hard to describe how it felt. It was like a burning in the ball of my right foot which spread towards my toes.. My toes also felt kind of numb but with feeling.. It was the strangest feeling. By bedtime I was nearly in tears with the pain. By yesterday afternoon I decided I needed to see a doctor. I felt stupid walking, well hobbling, into the surgery. There were no marks on my foot, no brushing and no swelling. What did I expect him to do?

I sat down and as soon as I described the feeling he knew exactly what was wrong. Morton's Neuroma. I'd never heard of it but in laymen terms it is a thickened nerve between the toes which causes intense pain. I've been scheduled in for an ultrasound so they can see exactly how bad it is. I've been told that the two treatments available are either steroid injections into the foot (ouch!) or surgery to remove the affected nerve. The ultrasound department at the hospital also informed me that the waiting list for the ultrasound is 4-5 weeks.

In the meantime, I'm resting my foot, as much as I can whilst running around after two kids, popping pain killers and hobbling around like an eighty year old woman. I've already noticed that the pain is worse if I walk barefoot, and also as the day wears on the pain gets worse. It's going to be an interesting several weeks...

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