What's In Your Bag?

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Today's prompt is all about what's in your bag! 

Up until last week I was still using a changing bag for all Emilie's bits as well as my own. I finally decided after two years though that it was time for me to return to the world of grown up bags, rather than to keep pulling my purse out of a Doc McSuffin backpack :)

I L.O.V.E this bag. I was in the shop for ages trying different ones. The poor sales lady, I must have given her the right run around asking for bags that were on the top shelf. It was on sale and then she gave me an extra five pounds off. I love a good bargain. Given that I've only had the bag for a week it's still pretty tidy inside. Normally you'd find receipts stuffed in the pockets, the odd raisin from Emilie's snack pack, maybe a chocolate bar wrapper.. Thankfully I haven't had it long enough yet for that! 

I'm afraid it's pretty boring stuff really. My purse.. A pull-up (we're potty training!) a pack of wipes, my hair brush, my Kate Moss number 101 lipstick and my sun glasses. Normally my iPhone would be in there too but I was taking the photos with it :) 

What's in your bag? Anything more exciting than mine!? 


  1. Love the bag! You have similar things in your bag as I do. Most importantly, diapers! :)

  2. Ooh, what a cute bag! You little minx! Had to laugh when you said about it being tidy inside: mine's always but always a right mess inside....I had to remove at least a dozen 'suspect bits' (food? scrumpled paper? Heaven knows what!) for me to be able to take a photo!!! Hope you're well.....xxx

  3. that bag is SO CUTE!!!! and i love that you have super normal stuff in your purse and not carefully styled, haha. its real life. :)

  4. The polka dotted wallet is cute! Boring isn't bad especially when it comes to what is your purse. Don't want too many weird surprises. lol. Mine is always an unorganized mess!

  5. Love your bag...and it IS so neat!! Mine wasn't as neat; but not as full as it could be! I had just recently switched back to it from one I carry on vacation or other outings, so I have room for a camera, a notebook, travel brochures, etc.


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